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Programme of Works (POW)


The Programme of Works (POW) has been cleverly designed to allow you to monitor your available resources and allocate staff and plant to jobs more easily as well as tracking alerts and delays. The Programme of Works is split into four sections: Multi-Day Programme, Employee Schedule, Long Range Programme, and Calendar.

Multi-Day Programme

The Multi-Day Programme shows you all of your live jobs for the week ahead. Each day panel lists all of the employees and vehicles who are working on the job along with any delays or alerts. Employees and vehicles who have previously worked on each job are also shown and can be easily reassigned to a particular day. With the Multi-Day Programme it is very easy to see who is working where and plan your resources accordingly.

Employee Schedule

The Employee Schedule gives you a 12 week view for all of your employees and shows you when and if they are scheduled to work on any jobs. Holidays and sickness are highlighted making it very easy to see who is available and when. Within the Employee Schedule you can select an existing job or create a new one and then simply by clicking on an available day schedule your employees to the job. Using the Employee Schedule it is very quick and easy to monitor your employees and highlight gaps in their work so as to maximise their output.

Long Range Programme

The Long Range Programme is very similar to the Employee Schedule but it gives you a 12 week view for all of your live jobs. The start and due dates of the jobs are clearly defined along with any days that do not yet have employees scheduled to work. As with the other sections job alerts and delays are clearly visible.


The calendar within the Programme of Works brings together all the important dates within the system on a month by month basis.

Each calendar entry has it's own unique colour indicating what it is and giving you an overview of your resources and important dates and deadlines. Navigating to the corresponding job, purchase order, subcontractor or plant item is as simple as clicking on the entry in the calendar.




Key Features

TSoft    View your live jobs and see who is working on them
TSoft    See at a glance what employees are available for work and assign them to exiting or new jobs
TSoft    Monitor delays and alerts on jobs
TSoft    View a 12 week plan of the work ahead or scroll backwards and forwards in time
TSoft    Confirm arrival on site and enter details of lateness or sickness
TSoft    View staff holidays and schedule work accordingly
TSoft    See at a glance what jobs are due for completion
TSoft    View expected purchase order delivery dates
TSoft    Monitor plant test dates
TSoft    See when plant is on hire and due back