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Job Costing


The job costing section is where you will store and maintain the details about the work you do. Your employees provide daily or weekly job sheets containing information such as materials used, hours and mileage and this is entered as costs against the job.

Fast and simple to use screens allow you to quickly see the costs associated with a job as you go along so that you can accurately bill your customers for the work you do.

For customers who use a schedule of rates you can now enter the measurements as you go along so not only will you see what a job has cost you but you can also see amount you will be claiming for real-time picture of the profit.




Key Features

TSoft    Store job details such as client, priority, due date and site access details
TSoft    Add notes to keep a history of the life of the job
TSoft    Print job sheets for employees to record their hours, travel, plant and materials
TSoft    Easily track unreturned job sheets
TSoft    Add subcontractor costs for a complete picture
TSoft    View a job summary to see the overall costs
TSoft    Link to invoicing so that no job goes unpaid
TSoft    Enter real-time measurements against a schedule of rates

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Jobs List Job Details Tab Job Summary Tab Job Sheet Tab

Example Job Sheets

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Example Jobsheet

All documents in the JOBS Software are generated using the Portable Document Format (PDF)
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