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Mobile Devices


Coming soon

The JOBS Software is going Mobile!

Mobile JOBS runs on a tablet computer and has been designed to go with you when you are on site. Capturing materials usage, time sheets and mileage can now be done using a mobile device which is automatically synced when you are back in the office. This means that there are no longer lost job sheets and missed information and it makes the whole process much faster saving you time and money. As well as capturing information on site Mobile JOBS also allows you to carry electronic versions of Health & Safety information which over time will save you a lot of money by getting rid of the need to print out the same information over and over again for every new job

Watch this space for more information and screenshots!




Key Features

TSoft    Store all of your Health & Safety documentation electronically
TSoft    Capture materials usage, time on site and mileage
TSoft    Work offline and synchronise when back in the office