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The purchasing section allows you to create purchase orders for buying stock and materials. The items you buy are either assigned to group stock or to an individual employee or direct to a job.

The JOBS Software stores relevant information about your suppliers and can handle multiple addresses or depots.

Orders are reconciled as they arrive so you have a clear picture of what has been bought and what is waiting delivery.




Key Features

TSoft    Create purchase orders for group stock or assign directly to an employee or job sheet
TSoft    Choose the supplier and depot where the stock is coming from
TSoft    Track delivery dates
TSoft    Pick from a list of previously ordered items or enter new ones
TSoft    Track the quantity ordered along with unit and unit price
TSoft    Easily see which orders have been reconciled

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list     details     items     new item
Purchase Orders List Purchase Order Details Tab Purchase Order Items Tab New Item

Example Purchase Orders

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Example Purchase Order

All documents in the JOBS Software are generated using the Portable Document Format (PDF)
To view them you will need to install the free Adobe Reader, click the icon below to download

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