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This section is used to create and manage quotes which are sent to prospective clients. The JOBS software makes it incredibly easy to see at a glance which Quotes are being worked on or have been sent to the client and when they are accepted or rejected. Once accepted, the system allows for automatic creation of a Job thus elevating the work to the next level.

The quote correspondence editor is as easy as using your favourite word processor with all the standard features for text decoration and layout. A new quote is based on a standard template using keywords which are resolved at the time of printing. The list of items contained within the quote is edited separately from the correspondence and then merged seamlessly when you are ready to send.




Key Features

TSoft    Create branded quotes based on templates with keywords resolved at the time of printing
TSoft    "What you see is what you get" editor with all the functionality of your favourite word processor
TSoft    Easily add labour, materials, plant and subcontractor items to the quote
TSoft    Store multiple versions of the same quote as you negotiate with your client
TSoft    Automatically generate purchase orders and job details from accepted quotes

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Example Quotes

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Example Quote

All documents in the JOBS Software are generated using the Portable Document Format (PDF)
To view them you will need to install the free Adobe Reader, click the icon below to download

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